I wasn’t planning for the laundry “closet” to be my first project, but it kind of just happened that way. A couple weeks before we closed on the house, the seller emailed Nicholas and told him that the washing machine wasn’t working well. A few days later, we heard that it completely died and she was on her way to the laundromat. We knew that it was an old set anyway, so we decided to get a new set. It was finally delivered a week and a half after closing. As I started to clean out from under the old set, I took a good look in the closet that it was in (it’s in a closet in Piper & Lilia’s Jack & Jill bathroom). Oh, crap. More wallpaper. It would be such a shame to put such a beautiful set of new machines in such an ugly closet, right??? Soooo, I fixed that!

Off came the wallpaper.

Okay, so it’s not the worst wallpaper I’ve ever seen, but it’s certainly not the prettiest.

Down came the cabinets.


Unfortunately, the dryer vent is cardboard and that wallpaper was not coming off of it, so it’s staying…for now.

Nicholas walked in, shook is head, and walked back out. He knows by now to just let me do my thing and leave me be. đŸ˜‰

Along with sharing our journey in the renovation process, I figured I would also give tutorials on how I did a project. If you’re reading this for guidance and I left something out, please feel free to ask.

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