Nicholas and I sort of made friends with the sellers of this home during the process. As I sat at her table, she asked me what I wanted to do to the house first. I looked around, winced and said, “ummm, probably take down the wallpaper. I’m sorry…” She smirked and said, “hey! It’s not in style anymore!” I’m not sure this wallpaper was ever in style…

You guys. There is so much wallpaper in this house. I’m not exaggerating when I say most of the house is covered in wallpaper. Very interesting wallpaper. Really.


Told ya.

It’s even more headache worthy when you look at the entire room.There’s 4 bathrooms in this house and all four of them are covered in wallpaper.


Maryanne, if you ever come across this blog, please know that every inch of wallpaper will be taken down with lots of love and…big smiles. 🙂

When we moved in, we found rolls upon rolls of extra wallpaper in the basement. I told Nicholas I’m wrapping everyone’s Christmas presents in it. I’m not kidding. Prepare yourself for my awesome gift wrap, for probably more than just this year, if you’re on our list.

Oh, wait. I missed one. This one actually looks like it could be Christmas gift wrap.


It could be worse, right? At least wallpaper is a fairly easy fix and the transformation is truly remarkable.

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