Unexpected first project

I wasn’t planning for the laundry “closet” to be my first project, but it kind of just happened that way. A couple weeks before we closed on the house, the seller emailed Nicholas and told him that the washing machine wasn’t working well. A few days later, we heard that it completely died and she was on her way to the laundromat. We knew that it was an old set anyway, so we decided to get a new set. It was finally delivered a week and a half after closing. As I started to clean out from under the old set, I took a good look in the closet that it was in (it’s in a closet in Piper & Lilia’s Jack & Jill bathroom). Oh, crap. More wallpaper. It would be such a shame to put such a beautiful set of new machines in such an ugly closet, right??? Soooo, I fixed that!

Off came the wallpaper.

Okay, so it’s not the worst wallpaper I’ve ever seen, but it’s certainly not the prettiest.

Down came the cabinets.


Unfortunately, the dryer vent is cardboard and that wallpaper was not coming off of it, so it’s staying…for now.

Nicholas walked in, shook is head, and walked back out. He knows by now to just let me do my thing and leave me be. 😉

Along with sharing our journey in the renovation process, I figured I would also give tutorials on how I did a project. If you’re reading this for guidance and I left something out, please feel free to ask.

Let’s talk wallpaper

Nicholas and I sort of made friends with the sellers of this home during the process. As I sat at her table, she asked me what I wanted to do to the house first. I looked around, winced and said, “ummm, probably take down the wallpaper. I’m sorry…” She smirked and said, “hey! It’s not in style anymore!” I’m not sure this wallpaper was ever in style…

You guys. There is so much wallpaper in this house. I’m not exaggerating when I say most of the house is covered in wallpaper. Very interesting wallpaper. Really.


Told ya.

It’s even more headache worthy when you look at the entire room.There’s 4 bathrooms in this house and all four of them are covered in wallpaper.


Maryanne, if you ever come across this blog, please know that every inch of wallpaper will be taken down with lots of love and…big smiles. 🙂

When we moved in, we found rolls upon rolls of extra wallpaper in the basement. I told Nicholas I’m wrapping everyone’s Christmas presents in it. I’m not kidding. Prepare yourself for my awesome gift wrap, for probably more than just this year, if you’re on our list.

Oh, wait. I missed one. This one actually looks like it could be Christmas gift wrap.


It could be worse, right? At least wallpaper is a fairly easy fix and the transformation is truly remarkable.

Never say never

We are doing exactly what we said we would never do again. Am I really surprised though? We are gluttons for punishment. We finished renovating our first home in April, only to put it on the market and have it sell in 3 days. Amidst of all the stress, I could have easily sworn on my kids lives (bad mom, I know I know) that we would NEVER do home renovations again ourselves. We did a years worth of renovations in six weeks time, plus working my own business on the side, Nicholas working full time, and me being home with our three little kiddos, aged 1, 3 and 5. To say I was stressed out was an understatement. However, to be completely honest, I LOVED doing the renovations myself. It brought such a sense of pride when I stepped back and saw what I did on my own. The shear fact that we crammed so much into a 6 week time frame was what made it not enjoyable.

This time? It’s different. We just purchased our forever home, or at least our long time home. In our old house, we always had it in our minds that we would fix it up (it was a disaster when we purchased it) and then sell it so we could buy our dream home. And that’s exactly what we did. It may have taken us twice as long as we hoped, but we did it. We learned a lot from the entire experience and now we get to use those lessons on our new home.

We couldn’t have purchased a house like the one we did if we weren’t up for doing renovations ourselves. While we did make a profit on the sale of our first home, hiring out all of the renovations is so costly. We will pick and choose which ones we are willing to do ourselves and which ones we will pay a professional to do. We have been so blessed with this home and thank God everyday for it. I joked with Nicholas that we will be the poorest family in this ritzy neighborhood (but really, it’s true haha!). The truth is, we kind of stole this house. It was truly meant for us. Before we made the final decision to move, Nicholas saw this house listed online and bookmarked it. It was way out of our budget, but for some reason, it sat in our “favorites”, unlike so many others that we would unmark as a favorite. After a few months, the priced dropped quite a bit, but still not enough. Then it dropped again! We jumped on it. After a quick negotiation and 5 weeks of waiting for closing, it was ours. We finally had our dream home.

Nicholas and I both have the ability to walk into a room or a house and see what is can be instead of what it currently is. So many people just cannot do that, and we think that is the main reason this house didn’t sell quicker. It is surely worth a heck of a lot more than what we got it for, and with some time, love, and money, it will be complete and absolutely stunning. The house has great bones and is just outdated, but we’ll fix that.

I snagged this photo from the listing because none of mine are coming out. All credit goes to the listing agent.